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This is the story of a man known as AllstarMotors-99, a character of the Playstation Network community. Known for his NASCAR 09 racing career and time as a member of the Blaine County Outlaws.

Early life and early careerEdit

No one knows for sure where Allstar came from, It was rumored his great grand parents were Nigel West Dickens and Muriel Scranton of Cochinay, a small ranch just North West of the town Black Water in New Austin. It is believed to be he started out his time on the PSN playing NASCAR 09, witch is regarded by many of the crazy psychotic circle loving rednecks to be the greatest circle driving game of all time. He began driving for a team called, Allstar Motors. It was said that they were once the largest race team with the most members, until Monster Racing and Grand Stand racing moved in on their turf and they lost members. Allstar joined them with a sub account, but kept his name and his number, 99, (witch symbolized his car number and creepy fondness of Carl Edwards, a Sprint Cup Driver who drove the #99 Ford Fusion for Roush Fenway Racing) he ran with the "Monsters" off and on with sub successful numbers until he found a small group of disturbed wannabe race car drivers with anger problems and an extreme lack of control over their egos.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       From their Allstar raced with this group until 2011 until the games servers were shut down. In that time Allstar ran alongside them with extreme loyalty, very often sacrificing his finish to secure his friends a win. Allstar was also under scrutiny from alot of people for his in ability at times to hold a line witch usually ended in a massive crash and him being reffered to as, " Mr. Suppa Man Fat Fuck ", witch was a name given to him by a Virginian pot head who called himself " Vatech ". At the time the group proprietor, who went by " Mitchman " decided to start a league ( the name is not recalled ) that raced fixed setups. It lasted one race, due to cheating. Three weeks later Allstar joined another league, started by one who was regarded by many to be the asshole of the community, " Viper ", who picked up the pieces with Vatech and few other to start a league named, " The southern Thunder Racing League ".....Witch later exploded. Allstar then Joined another league started by Mitchman that rounded out the STRL's season. All this came from Allstar and his group that were previously in a league ran by a serial pervert and self proclaimed race car driver " Jtrain ". ( who was later said to have been seen having sex in a chat with 3 other people as claimed by Allstar and Viper ). Allstar was over all a good racer though, he had minor success in the leagues, with one over all win coming at Atlanta, although it was later discovered he cheated using controller sensitivity, witch was later ruled a loop hole. Edit

Latest activity Edit

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